My take on the Arnolds.

Thanks to everyone who emailed and called me.  I got
this together today i needed some rest. I worked 56
hours at the Arnolds and it was a very stressful and
tiring event.  Here are my feelings on the event.

There are also over 400 photos published too.


An exceptional read.

Some people were wronged last weekend, without question, and deserve public apologies at the very least. At the same time I've been somewhat bothered by the vindictiveness of the offended.

There has to be a silver lining in this cloud someplace.

We have had enough There are also over 400 photos published too.

Good post

ttt for my boyz Scotty & Gumby.

Scotty, let me knw when D.F. is ready for the DVD!

See you soon.


good reading!!!

Awesome post. I didn't realize how tired I was untill Monday I was so excited. I loved the tournament and comraderie. The events of the heavy weight pro's and the way I was ignored when I complained about the overtime is what sent me over the edge. If I offened anyone other than the promoters I'm sorry. Master Bob

Master Bob,

I was really impressed with you and your team. I
talked to a lot of them and watched a lot of them
display great tallent. I hope to get to see you at
other events.



Big Bob,what a great job you did,you must of walk around those matts a thousand times,I know how you felt,I was so tired Sunday afternoon,everything was a blur.I really believed the refs were well over worked.Still I had a great time,hope to see you all again soon,Randy Bloom

I wish Pe de Pano was the same size as Mark Adams *the guy he fought in the Oxydol challenge* cause I don't think he could tap him in eight mins if they were.

Scotty is it true that you got kicked out of the tournment??

On the Mat ..... didnt you get kicked out or asked to leave at the arnolds?

Marie sorry to hear about your match...I had five bucks on you to win the whole thing.

Great artical!

JSMHP, don't worry about it. The loss was just that, only a loss. In a way Im actually happy about it cause now after not training for 9 months, it will give me the edge to train again. Sorry you lost 5 bucks on me though.

Well I don't think Rodrigo know who won the division so if he wants his five bucks he going to have to figure it out.

Why haven't you trained in nine months??

I fought in the cage last June. There was a lot of hype and trashed involved with my fight. I took a hard mental fall with the whole deal and swore I was never going to fight again. And since then, I havent. I havent been on the mats or anything. I been going strong for 10 years and this is the first time I ever taken a break. Now its notihng but a mental game to me. I was useing the arnolds as a way to get back on the mats. And it seems right now to have worked. But I can't tell for sure until I up my training again. Mentally im not ready to fight again and wasnt for the arnolds either, but i needed that step to see where I was.

My hats off to you Garth and Bob, as you ran your ass off and kept things moving. Someone needed to step up this year and you did.

However, this event is a complete egg waste to say the least. Between spectators and competitors, we had over 50 people there from my academy. Not again there won't be though. It is ridiculous that the event, after last year was put in the same room. If we can't get another room then move the damn thing completely. I can't tell you how many of my people who came to support the event gave up after standing in line for hours. They won't have to again, because we won't go.

Lastly, the whole video taping bullshit is over the top. Relson expects my people to pay that kind of money and then moms and dads can't even film their own kids? Without us (amatuer competitors), he has nothing. I understand restricting the taping of the pros and selling it thru guys like onthemat, but our own people? What the Fuck? I think the money has gone to Relsons/Coopers head.

I saw so much flip/flopping by referees it was disgusting. However, dispite it all I was profoundly impressed by the mutual respect and concern between competitors. Comraderie like that makes this sport enjoyable.



Hey Shawn you shouldnt have left you missed all the fun