My thoughts on Rickson

You can't discount his abilities because so many great fighters have rolled with him and freely attest to his brilliance on the mat.

But his legacy will forever be overshadowed by others because he never stepped up to face the best fighters of his day.

In a way I feel cheated because Rickson did not have the burning desire to PROVE to himself and to the world that he was the best fighter. I know he wanted to get paid, but sometimes a legacy is even more important.

I respect Rickson Gracie and I am in awe of Royce, but I just wish Rickson would have settled the never ending argument on way or another.

Your opinion is unique...

It is hard to say "the best fighters of his day" because really, there were not a bunch of them. If you look at Royce who without a doubt had the harder competition even his average fight was a total joke.

That said, I don't like the Rickson attitude anymore then I like the Frank Shamrock attitude. If they were humble guys who didn't talk much smack it would be one thing - but both like to portray themselves as above modern compeition with "no worthy challengers" - and this is HORSESHIT.

Both guys fought dubious talent and demonstrated a very solid well rounded game. If they just paid respect to active fighters and remained in the sport as quiet humble icons (like I picture Randy Couture doing someday) then I would be fine with them.

Rickson by armbar over the world - NOT!

But his legacy will forever be overshadowed by others because he never stepped up to face the best fighters of his day.

His day was like 20 yrs. ago!
But i would love to be able to roll with him not to see how good i would do against him but to see how he flows.

Just a question. How old is Rickson? Of course I will get flamed by the 'but look at Couture' guys. maybe he didn't think he could still perform to the level that he wanted, so he didn't compete. Who knows?

In the late 90s I remember him saying that Kevin Jackson had no ground skills and Maurice Smith had no standing skills. It's made me take everything he says with a grain of salt.

The trouble with him is he still talks like he's in the fight game, but he doesn't act like it.

For the guy who compared Frank Shamrock to Rickson, you've got a point there right until you consider that Frank fought everyone put in front of him and Rickson ... left it to the promoters.

your right,you can't deny how good Rickson was.But making $ became more important than proving how good he was.I thought that if he would have stepped up and fought Sak he would have shut up alot of doubters.Win or lose he would have actualy "defended the family honor"So he is still an icon in the sport,but if your not going to step up and defend your comments then you should not be making comments about how horrible other fighters are.I think he should be humble,and accept that his time passed and that the sport has evolved.He would be treated by other fighters/fans w/respect and honor if he showed some to the sport he helped put on the map.I don't think that Royce was nearly as talented as Rickson but i respect him because he stepped up when it counted.special mention to renzo and royler.Win or lose they put it on the line.Talent alone is not enough.


Everyone who has rolled with Rickson has said his skill is extraordinary, all those who have not will always be skeptical.

thank god someone finally spoke up about this.

"Just a question. How old is Rickson?"