My thoughts on the UFC

I'm gonna ignore the Pride I just watched and review the UFC as I saw it last night.

Tanner looked ok, but with the "turn and run" attacks he was using, it was more that Baroni looked bad.

I wasn't sure about Mir's fight until the replays. Then, there was no doubt. If a guy gets his jaw and nose broken in Boxing, and the doctors sees it and knows, they can stop the fight. Same thing here. Imagine if Tim had thrown a few punches and hit Mir's body or the mat with that broken arm.

I was sure Kimo/Shammy would not hit the mat, because Shammy's ground skills woulda been exposed a bit, and I was right. Ken looked good on the feet.

I'm sick of Serra winning by decision.

The Hughes/Charuto fight decision was completely stupid. especially the two judges that gave the first round to Hughes. I like Hughes, but getting a takedown and defending subs while not landing any real punches for two of the rounds should not win you a fight. It's decisions like this that allows for UFC fighters to have more boring ground fights and not push the action, and Pride's ground fights to be more action packed.
Charuto won that fight 29-28

Agree completely about the Hughes fight.

Tanner looked good but he still has some bad habits he needs to work on as well as tightening up his striking. I couldn't believe how Tanner kept putting his head down and leaning into Baroni, why Baroni didn't start throwing uppercuts like crazy is beyond me. You need to be able to see mistakes like that being made and then capatilize on them.

Baroni's spot in the UFC is questionable in my eyes, at the most his next fight should be a prelim. I am still very interested in seeing a rematch with Amar Suloev though, and a possible fight with Murray.

What did Hughes do to win? Charuto was trying subs like crazy and was extremely close to tapping matt with the triangle.

I like Hughes a lot, but a couple takedowns and weak punches shouldn't win a fight.