My Wife wants to be a Ring Girl

I think we may be at a stalemate, because no pics until I get answers..

 LegendNmyHd are you that fucking stupid or you just trolling?

I'm going with the first one...

That what I was thinking Life, getting some photo and sending them off to some of the better shows, not the Junkyard/bar type shows. I figured people would know on here if there was better spots.

I know I always see those FightChix at shows and I wasnt sure there was a company who the promoters go to.

She just looking to make some easy cash and I could get some free tix to shows that I pay for anyway.

Bunch of guys are talking about going to that C3 show at the Horseshoe, you planning on going?

Dude, nobody is going to abuse your wifes pics, at worst they'll jack to them, honestly they'll look and probably just forget her anyway as they head to tapout.

Bottom line, stupid fucking question without pics.

For all we know your wife is a 300 pound tranny.

no answers until we see pics sorry


I know what you are saying, the point was not to determine if she could be a ring girl or attractive enough, but assuming she was, how would someone get into that.

The market will tell, if she not attractive enough of course she wont get to be a ring girl,

I mean I been to shows, I know what ring girls look like, and I am not one of those guys that brag about their wives curves and how she got great personallity and when you finally meet her you find out she 340, smokey trucker chick.


Its been getting packed in there, the jitz class at time has 20 plus guys pretty regularly. You should def come back in, you thinking about fighting?

Brandon wasnt sure if he could get in because of his age at horseshoe, but I am def going to check out that show...its a good card.

 How you going to make a thread about your wife being a ring girl and then not post any pics?

I cant give you any advise unless I know if your girl is UFC material or Battle at the Chicken Coop material!...

LegendNmyHd - I am going to get this out of the way right away. I am not posting Pics of her on the board.

Stopped reading after that.

dude, the whole ring girl thing has pretty much all to do with her looks right? thus the pic request obviously.

otherwise common sense would tell you to just get in touch with a local promotion and ask them.

ya think?


Mats in the garage is nice, I been thinking about doing the same thing,

I been going to Jeremy when I have free nights, as that pretty much covers the week so there aways somewhere to go.


Honestly guys I dont really have any pics to post, its not like I just got sexy pics laying around, I thought it was common sense to just hit up the promoters with pics, but I figured I would ask here first,

Think that the route I tell her to go, but I know like NFL cheerleaders dont make any money and just do it for other oppertunities, she's just looking to make a few bucks and isnt trying to be a actress or model or do something like this beyond this. So if the answer was..ring girls just do it for free trying to make bigger shows, I was going to tell her its not worth the time.


 Dude your a dumbass!

lol @ this thread

honestly, if she breaks in she'll probably get over it after the 1st or 2nd time. it's kinda a stupid job, unless you're at Arianny's level and making a few bucks with alot of exposure for other opportunities.
is she a model or something?

Do you have any pics of your lady? Wanna buy some?


That what I figured would happen, I figured it something she would only do once or twice, but I really had no clue what they make, if they make 4-500 a night then I would think it something she may do for a night of easy cash, if its 75-100 bucks maybe a one time thing just to say she did it.

I mean if those girls just do it for other exposure, then it wasnt worth the effort to get on a show.

Thx for the serious response.

Ring card girls probably make $75-150 a night.  If her motive is to make money at it, then it's not really worth it, because you have to factor in travel, hotel, etc.  It only becomes profitable if she can use the exposure to pick up a variety of additional gigs.

inf0 -  this thread aint shit without pix