My Wife wants to be a Ring Girl

Thx Gracie Fan, Info much appriciated

I don't think you can just apply to a show. They usually hire the girls from a modeling agency.

barbarian - I don't think you can just apply to a show. They usually hire the girls from a modeling agency.

See, I didnt think so either, some guys earlier acted like it was so obvious that you just send the promoter some pics and you are good to go,

I didnt think it was like that except maybe the smaller shows.


TUF Finale has started... I think this deserves a BAN!!!

I have seen your wife. She is not cut out for the job.


She's not hot enough

If she's attractive with a really tight body, she'll garner some attention and move up quickly. Most ring girls outside of the UFC are good looking girls, but not quite top tier.

Your wife is a ho

ftblplya1 - Your wife is a ho

yeah...I seen that..and you wonder why I didnt post any

William Colosimo - if she has a nice ass would you let me sniff it?

funniest comment on this thread


I got some good PM's and info,

Thx guys, going to contact some local promoters and such.

Thx for all the info.

My wife was picked out of the crowd at a local event and offerred $200 to be one that night. She turned it down because it was our hometown but said she may have done it if it were somewhere else just to say she did.

graciefan93 - Ring card girls probably make $75-150 a night.  If her motive is to make money at it, then it's not really worth it, because you have to factor in travel, hotel, etc.  It only becomes profitable if she can use the exposure to pick up a variety of additional gigs.

 I have some knowledge on the subject.Not every promotion approaches this the same way.This is a accurate statement above.Chances of you getting a free ride into the show depends on your wife & the promoter.  

^^^ funny you came in right after me. It was paul that offered my wife.

 I can remember when the IFC & WEC would go to local night clubs and hold Ring Girl contests.

* I can believe that real easy Dunc.  

that night one of the girls they brought over from jackson did it in her bra and panties. It was hilarious.

 I seriously could write a book about my time with the IFC Dunc.So much shit went on that I will never be able to repeat. 

^ couple stories please.