My xmas list ....

vids/dvds i would like to have for this years list ...

1 Tinguihna's Spider Guard series

2 Gordo's Half Gaurd series

1 is excellent. Good choice.

#2 is good for a certain kind of game. Some will love it and some won't.

1 is good,

I would replace number 2 with Vince "Bear" Quitugua's Lost Techniques of the Half Guard

Not in any order. I just treated myself to Marcelo's X-Guard book, Bear's 1/2 Guard DVD, and Saulo's book. Also, not sure if I'll get any of this since money's tight. :(

1. Judo for MMA

2. Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol. 1

3. High Percentage Leglocks

4. Saulo Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2

  1. Tinguinha- Great coach!!!!

    2. Bear from Shoyoroll- Bear is the man and a Tinguinha Brown.

thaNX GUYS perhaps i will get BEars 1/2 guard instead being he is a Tinguinha brown belt :)