N. Quarry is walking for St Judes

Here's what he wrote on FB (little FRAT):

"Well, I'm trying to post a photo and a link. We'll see what happens. Anyways, long story short, I was injured in Japan last year. A little girl we visited on our Armed Forces Entertainment tour sent me this card telling me how much she appreciated our visit and that she would be praying for me every day. Oh by the way, the very next day she was to undergo cancer treatment where she'd be locked in a bubble for months. And this was her second go at so she knew what she was in for.
If you know me personally you know I'm a bit of a hard ass. I don't feel sorry for people and the stupid choices they make every day.But children get dealt some of the worst hands and they can teach us what dignity and grace is.
That's why I'm walking this Saturday for St. Judes. I'm trying to raise a little money for kids like this. If you can spare a few dollars I'd appreciate it.
I hurt my arm. This angel was undergoing cancer treatment. She taught me something that day. And it made all my first world problems seem a little ridiculous. And I hope she gets a chance to grow up and make the world a better place."


What i want everyone to know about St Judes is this: St Judes will not turn away a patient, no matter if they have the ability to pay or not. Kids are not denied because their parents are broke, and you will not be denied because you are broke.
They're money.

So please help Nate, and chip in just a little bit.

Thanks, UG!!!!


Good stuff , I'm sure that letter put things in perspective for him ... I love hearing inspirational stuff like this ...

Walk on bro , walk on Phone Post