NAGA chicago roll call. r u ready?

just wondering whos goona be their to compete and or

i am very excited to finaly have a great big, well
run tourney here in the midwest.

who's coming???

The Fox Valley Grappling Club (part of Team Vaghi) of Appleton,
WI will be there. It should be a great time!

I never miss a NAGA


McVickers will be bringing a team of about 20

I'm with alxh. First timer here. Should be fun.

I am there :-)

DRIFT, are you one of those twenty.

alxh, its about time!!! i wish you the best of luck.
along with everyone else.

yes i am

competing in 149 intermediate no-gi and whitebelt gi

best of luck to you cult brother. it will be nice to finaly see jack in action as well as alxh.


Chris let me know about those games as soon as you can. Looking forward to seeing the Chicago crew at NAGA, this will be an awesome show!...Joe

joe, you are all set for thursday.. 4 seats. dont forget its a 1:20 pm game. i should wrap up fridays game in the morning.

we will have to hook up when you guys get in on wednesday because i have to work all day and night
on thursday.

tell kipp to call me. i will have a nice vehicle waiting for him. nice big nissan armada.


I'm going, gotta hook up w/ my east coast boys!!

Team Matamoros is bringing a team of a dozen or more from Milwaukee.

Third Heaven Martial Arts is bringing about 5 guys and 1 girl.



Hope you are still picking me up from the airport. If you need any other info. just ask!

Team Jorge Gurgel will have about 16 guys there!

Dustin Ware

Yeah I'm gonna be in the "Masters" divison for us older guys over 30, I'm just a few pounds over 175, don't think I'll be able to make that weight division!

Damn! I even stopped eating moonpies and HomerunInn Pizzas! I don't know if My yellow Bruce Lee suit will fit?!

Diego Saraiva and Casca-Grossa will be there.

I am gonna go and slap joe cuff around when i see him...he's been ducking me!!! :)