naga chicago???

wasnt there suppose to be a NAGA chicago in October?!

I think they are working on it!!! I too am waiting on a date! I am sure Kipp & C. Dranka will let us know!

What's up tri  stan!

Well, what's weird is that they took it off the main
page. If that doesn't go through, that's two big
tournaments in Chicago that have been cancelled. Why
no love for midwest grapplers?

Hey Zep, did you recently have a fight?

tristan, you Force guys smelled too bad at the last one so
they're trying to keep it a secret from you.

I think they are still wokring on getting it on Nov. 6 & 7

Damn Tim, I thought my my Drakkar cologne covered it

how many times do i have to tell you: COOL WATER!

I think the Naga is in November