NAGA Hawaii Who's Flying Out?

Is anyone from the central North America flying out to Hawaii for the tournament and how big does the tournament usually get?


Last year we were close to 200 competitors, this year I think we will be well over 200.

Hey mad tiger, who are the main teams out there? I know of Relson and Yoshida, but I am not familiar with all the islands, proximity to each other. When I think about it, after seeing Hawaii which island is the tournament on? And is there surfing and sharks?

On oahu. teams competeting? Relson gracie

Noth shore JJ

Kai garcia & marcello bjj NS

gracie kailua(royler)

Grappling unlimited

808 fight factory

Nova U Bj Penn

Maui JJ

Kamole JJ (kauai)

Longman jj kauai

Kendall goo jj kauai

Team HK...

ANd a bunch of other tough schools as well.

Surfing?yes sharks? the one's on land are the only one's to worry about.

Hawaii= Tatame mag's #2 BJJ ranked in the world

JKD Unlimited will be there.

when is it?

Saturday Sept. 18 at Farrington High school gym

lmao @ "is there surfing and sharks"!! its an island in the middle of the pacific!! Which is famous for SURFING? duhhhhh

on an unrelated note, i am going to be in ouahu for two weeks and want to know if any of you have contact info for grappling unlimited.  please post it here if you do.

I'll be there for sure :-)


i thought kirik drove a golf cart to the last one?

The Maulinator is correct! Aloha!


I'll be there.

That's MISS Maulinator to you Burton!! :)

My apologies MISS Maulinator;)

Can I be Mr. Golf Cart? :-)



Kirik- You'll always be "Mr Golf Cart"!!! Kirik call me when you guys get to hawaii, Eric the "Mad Tiger" has my ph#!!


Not for 2004... but hopefully 2005!!!