Naga Lauderdale

Well, howd yall do?

I'm proud to report my son went 5-1 yesterday. He took silver in no gi 60-70lbs and gold in gi. I wasn't sure how he'd do in gi after his loss in no gi cause he was a bit deflated. The boy he lost to in no gi had no business being in the beginner div infact they eventually made him go up to intermediate and he won that div. I never complained but plenty of others were not happy about what was going on there and did. In NAGA's defense they really weren't too happy about the sand bagging either.

Overall, it was a good event. I got to meet Chris Palmquist and talk a lil fishing and I was impressed that another team's instructor actually started coaching my son in the tournament due to my son's instructor was coaching some other of his students. There was the usual bad over the top parents and instructors that were causing a scene so it was awesome that those others instructors would try to help my boy.

Kip mentioned that there would be belts for all champions in the next FL event. My son wouldnt stop talking about that on the ride home so there will be no break in training for the next 3 months!

Tell C congrats, Wally

Jose's buddy

I missed this one, but am glad to hear your son did so well! :-)

i thought the tourney was ran was well as it could be with that many people there, but i did get robbed of a ton of points at ring 8 though in the expert division, no worries though i had a good time

Thanks, ya'll.

J-Train, It seems like there's different scoring criteria from No gi to Gi. I know the score keeper in one of my sons matches got confused as to why he didn't get some points during a match and of course the criteria is still somewhat subjective from ref to ref to some degree, I imagine.

mens nogi masters intermediate 2nd place at 179#. won first match by kimura and lost the next one on points. guy who beat me was pretty damn tough with a strong fucking base. we were both sweaty and slick as shit so it was hard to do much for either of us. i think i had more fun watching all my gym bros. overall ffa had a damn strong showing. props to glen for winning a belt with a sick flying triangle! good event as usual.

Big Grats to your son... that's awesome! 

Congrat fishy you should be proud.

ttt congrats it was a very well run event

i know the refs have a hard job and they are there all day doing that i know it can get exhausting but i wish there was better communication between the ref and scorekeeper

Fish, it was great to meet you. I hope you had a good experience with you and your son. We try to make NAGA a great experience for everyone.

And Joe and I will definetely be making it down there to fish, we just gonna plan it.

Congrats to your son!

Chris, nice meeting you, bro! You actually were the ref in the div my boy won. I felt pretty bad for the girl who you stepped in for that guy was something else. Apparently also he said some things that were pretty rude about one of the other kids (on another team) there that his parents heard him. It was nice when the kid who he insulted went ahead and beat his student, poetic justice of sorts..

You and Joe come on down for one of our tournaments! I suggest the tarpon or grouper tournament. I know the grouper one is getting pretty close so maybe shoot for the tarpon tournament next year. We set a record in May with catching 58 tarpon in one day over 50lbs. Ya'll would have a blast! I'll set yall up with a guide.

what's the date of the grouper tourney? joe and I could maybe do
short notice. email me:

Weekend of August 18th ie 4 weeks from this weekend!

Check out the site.

e-mail. we might be able to make it down there!


There shouldn't "seem like there's a difference" in scoring...there is a difference. NAGA (I think) does a great job of trying to push the action with their point scoring.

As for would be nice if people keeping score knew, at least a little about grappling,,,but really all the need to know and pay attention to is what the ref tells them...keep track of points and time...Most NAGA ref's I've talked with (and I've reffed for NAGA several times)keep track of points in their head to make sure the score/time keeper is correct.

Glad to hear it was a good event,,I almost flew down to participate but family events came up...

Anyone remember those 2 adults that were facing off after their kids had a match right in the middle of the mat and the one boy actually had to drag his dad off the mat?

If any of you ever see me act like that I declare now I that I owe you $100.00 and please choke me out and remove me from the mat to stop me from further embarrassing my family.

Thanks in advance.

i got 1st in mens + masters no-gi expert welterweight! :)