NAGA - Parrumpinha & Pablo Win!

Congrats to both Parrumpinha & Pablo on winning their Superfight matches at today's NAGA tournament.

Parrumpinha took on John Stutzman from Jorge Gurgel's academy. Parrumpa was able to finish with a rear naked choke with just seconds remaining. Prior to that, Parrumpa was up on points 7-0. Good job of finishing, and keeping the pressure on by Parrumpa.

Pablo Popovitch vs. Luke Rineheart.
Match started a little slow, but then Pablo went to work winning by the score of 10-0. Pablo passed and went to mount where he was attacking Luke's arm as the match was ending. Another solid win for Pablo.

Credit to both John Stutzman, and Luke Rineheart for giving it their all. Both seemed like class guys.

Congrats also to our newest member Denis Kang on winning the advanced Heavyweight division over a very tough Dan Simmler. Good competitive match between those two.

Great job by all the ATT guys who stepped up and competed today.

American Top Team

Wish I was ttthere!

Congrats to all the fighters, I to wish I could have been there, can't wait to see the tape!

same here =(

congratulations to all atts guys, in expecial to parrumpinha and pablo. pablo take on a very tough fighter and he did a grat job, parrumpas change his game, now he looks for submissions in the roll time., i think bouth are focus for the next ADCC in california.
great job guys.
rafael dias

Thanks a lot guys. That was really nice! Its always good fighting at