please do not lend your name or advertisement to any future tournaments that someone from your affilliation is not at. the crossroads grappling tournament in effingham il was a complete disaster. they did say that they had 4 black belts from CT that got snowed in and this is probably true but it was the worst thing i ever saw. it was so bad that they cancelled the gi divisions. it was ran by some karate guys who saw some bjj tapes. nice people but in WAY over their heads. at the end people wewre getting their money back and taking all the swords home. felt bad for all involved.


money back and a sword.... now thats a tournament!


Grappler's Quest ............way better

I have never been to a NAGA that wasnt the worst day of my life. I truly mean that. I can't understand how something like that can last 12 hours.

Nah, he's too busy grabbing some pastry at

naga naga, naga na work here anymore,that's for sure.

They finally released how the IFL is gonna run

Even though the thread has gone to shit, I'm just going to post to agree with kostecki. That tournament in Effingham was complete shit. I pissed away an entire weekend and a lot of cash for absolutely nothing.

Naga please...

Nukka Please!

Motion justed ruined it, imno

some people just don't get it.

This tournament wanted to be Ranked and they bought ad space on our site to promote their event. They decided to use NAGA rules. That is all NAGA had to do with this tournament. We were not involved with running it, staffing it, etc.

The organizers seemed like good people but it sounds like they did get over their heads.

We will not be promoting other grappling events on our website any longer.

So once again, NAGA had nothing to do with this tournament except for allowing them to advertise on our website.

Hopefully we will see you at our Midwest Championships on 5/26 in Milwaukee.

NAGA please; you guys are out of hand.


Nice, Cuff.

LMAO at "Naga Pleese"

NAGA did a tremendous job at the Arnold's. I had always heard bad stuff about them, but after seeing them in action, I was impressed.

Very efficiently ran IMO.

"Sh*t, NAGA, that's all you had to say. "

NAGA's sending the Wolf?????