Naga results from 5/26/07?

Hey guys just looking for any results from the naga from the 5/26/07 event or even a link thanks all!!
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All hail sbuild creator of the most infamous thread in MMA history

I am also interested.


give us a couple more days

...cheese brats and beer... who'd a thought

Team Denny'sAfterNAGA

Never forget.

it will take 2 days just to enter the competitors!

I had two students one 17 in the iintermediate and josh who took 2nd in 14 and under inter

i did as well.

results =NAGA made a lot of money

I competed

I was there for 8 hours and when I asked when my Div was up ( heavywieght/inter/ no gi ) they said "about an hour" I wasnt waiting any longer.

Place was way too small, but tournament was run about as well as it could have been considering the circumstances IMO.

ttt for great justice

Apologies for the size of the arena. We thought the move from Chicago was going to hurt attendance a lot, but the area was phenomenal.

Next one will of course be in a larger spot.

video?!! photos?.. I took second in the mens 180 advance no-gi . I also broke my coccyx trying to look cool.

Yeah, that was a bummer, but you guys still did a great job running it IMO.

Oh, and a suggestion: make sure there are more bathrooms at the next one. That was unpleasant.

ALSO, does anyone happen to have the name/website of the lady who was taking all of the pictures???