naga today

holy $hit there were more people there today. i can't
believe it!

as of 7:15 not all divisions had even been called!

Hey Ray, how'd the local boys (namely the Lauzons) do?

i had to leave just as joe was called .

and i missed dan's division.

the place was packed it was crazy.

Damn. Thanks, man.

I reffed the last match of the night at 10:30 PM

The place was packed from start to finish, I think there were over 1,100 competitors...time for a bigger venue for sure

Does anyone have a link to the results?

Anyone have the results of the mens advanced under 135(or whatever was the lowest weight) catagory?

I was lucky to be the ref for that division.

Nick Cottone was triangled in the finals..I forget who beat him(brazilian I think)..but it was a great match.

Nick went for a cartwheel guard pass..and just got caught on the way thru..right into the sub..perfect timing from bottem perspective.

Look for Nick to come back strong in the future..he is a tough competitor with tons of talent.

From what I heard from Dan Lauzon, he took 2nd in teens advanced lightweight. His older brother, Joe, took 2nd in expert lightweight, losing to Ryan Ciotilli.

Congrats, boys.


Do you remember what happened in any of Steve Lin's (Small 125 pound asian guy of Rebellion Jiujitsu) matches?


ttt for naga and the fighters.

See u all in Chicago!