Nam Phan vs JZ Calvancanti, early stoppage in my opinion, Nam was hit with one good one but was still covering up and fine. Trust me if u know or have train with Nam u know he can take some heat. Not taking anything away from JZ but the fight was stopped early

The biggest joke was that in a free show that ended 10 minutes early, they edited a 27 second fight?

Wah? Huh?



They essentially showed the whole fight, but I was also upset they didn't show the fight with intros and all that. They had enough time for it. The stoppage was a bit early, Nam did get dazed and JZ was looking pretty savage right there, but I would have liked to see the ref give it another 2 or 3 seconds to see if Nam was going to get through it or not.

Yeah, Nam ALWAYS packs his fights with a ton of fans. You wouldn't believe how many people he would get to watch him at KOTC. Hopefully they give him another shot in there. Not to take anything away from JZ at all, but hopefully Nam gets another big fight like this.


Yamasaki sucks. The guy is incompetent.

I'm pretty sure JZ was going to knock Nam out if the ref had given him five more seconds. Still, I agree that it was an early stoppage.

I know for a fact that Nam can take a shitload of punishement and still keep coming forward. Shit, RAzor Rob soccer kicked him in the face while he was getting up (straight shin to face) and he got up and kept on coming! JZ is a stud, but Nam deserves to fight more top notch opponents IMO. Not to mention how many people come to see him fight. He fills alot of seats every time.

i wouldnt call that early. seemed like every punch landed

I just went back and watched it again, I still think maybe another 1 or 2 seconds could have gone, but Nam was definitely rocked, he took at least 3 really clean shots.


Jz even said that it was an early stop. But in reality yes I'm biased I do not think that things where going to get any better for Nam. We watch the fight over a few times and we counted 4 solid shots that he tried to cover but got hit with.

I agree that hey this guys fight for a living, let it go a bit more and see what they can do. Best of luck to Nam in the future and Nam please do say things that you are not certain of in your interviews.

Prefight Interview

MickChanthaseth: So I understand that you two fights scheduled in a short amount of time, can you please tell us a little bit about that?
NamPhan: Yes, that is true. I will be facing Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti at the L.A. Coliseum on June 2nd for K1 Dynamite's American Debut show. Then finally, I will be fighting a TBA opponent in San Jose at the Strikeforce show on June 22nd.

MC: Do you feel like there is a lot of pressure on you to win?
NP: Well, there is always pressure for me to win, because I want to make my friends and family proud, and represent my people to the best of my abilities, but if you're talking about my fight against JZ. I feel that he is the champ and there is more pressure on him to beat me because I am not a champion.

MC: He's pretty big. Do you think this will be a Josh Thompson repeat?
NP: Well Mick, I really hope that this fight will not be a Josh Thompson repeat. I really feel that I am prepared to fight anyone and my style matches well against JZ.

MC: What style are you talking about, and what do you know of your opponent?
The style that I'm talking about is that I always come to the fight in good shape. My striking ability is pretty decent, and I think my grappling up to par. What I know about JZ is that he has very good Jiu Jitsu game, he throws a lot of hooks and he is very very strong for our weight class.

MC: Since the tragic incident of your coach, are you training differently?
NP: Well, this is not the first time that I have been without a coach, but I will miss him dearly. I am not doing anything different for any of my fights, I will use the skills and knowledge that coach has taught me and I will use it to train myself with the help of my teammates.

MC: Are there any shout outs you want to say right now?
NP: Thanks very much Mick. First, I would like to say Rest In Peace Coach Jeremy Williams; You will be very much missed. Also to the Williams family, thank you for always showing support and please stay strong. Thank you to, Kaizen Clothing, Tapout, and Knoxx MMA Gear. Thank you to all the fans for your support.

"Best of luck to Nam in the future and Nam please do say things that you are not certain of in your interviews."

What are you referring to? What did Nam say?

ttt for the truth!

nam didnt look like he was complaining about the stoppage best of luck to him in the future though, he's an exciting fighter

Looks like Phan goes limp from a punch and is woken up by the next. Didn't complain, didn't move after the stoppage.

Looks like the Rampage/Chuck fight, without the initial standing KO.

JZ ! !

Great job JZ.