Name a fighter the fans should be EXCITED to watch

Any under the radar fighters on UFC 279? Like someone we might not be familiar with?


Danyelle Wolf is an alright pro boxer with a lot of power for wmma. Only fighting in her second mma fight after fighting on the Contender Series, but she’s already very well rounded. +700 by KO if you’re a betting man. +650 ITD.

Yohan Lainesse is left and right hooks with legs so he could maybe get a KO.

Almeida is a beast if you haven’t heard of him. Jumps between 205 and HW and is fighting at just under cruiserweight at 220 this weekend. Man is a specimen for sure. Can’t wait for Rogan to drool over him.

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D Rod has been impressive but I think his age might be a factor soon. He’s a fun exciting fighter but I think he will have fits with the top 10. I hope I’m wrong though

Been thinking the same thing lately. Dude is like 35 and probably on gear or something, but I feel like you don’t really get better or more athletic after 35, in fact, you usually get slower unless you’re on gear.

Definitely looked a bit older at the press conference today though. Dude looked like he’s closing in on 40 fast lol.

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Macie Barber and Aspen Ladd is MUST WATCH tv.


Must watch something fucking else!!!



Nurullo Aliev