Name This Fighter (Game)


Name the blonde-haired fighter. Clues can be his tattoos, opponent, and obviously hair color. Or you can just be a computer geek and trace the link to his page. :) First one wins! 

looks like that dude has 6 toes in the second pic

LOL @ counting people's toes

^^^^^That's what I was thinking. Foot Fetish IMO.

Funny thing is, I'm more of a foot phobe.

 You computer nerd! You went directly to the link! I'll have to make it more difficult next time! :(

 i honestly dodnt know the answer, and was too lazy to check the link

 For real. Hmmm. Okay, how about this one?!

Who are they?

Babalu and Heath

 well that one was a tad easy, but I like the idea.


Who's on top??





Matt Yous

 NO to all....

looks like a young forrest griffin.


 Looks like you checked out the link.....

Ranman - Babalu and Heath
No. It's Gonzaga vs. McCully.