Namsaknoi: Jabs & Teeps, Throws, Overhand Elbow

Hello UG! My first thread here. I'm a striking analyst -- this is my most recent piece: one that several MMA coaches liked!

Namsaknoi is one of the greatest Thai Boxers of all time. He's the original star of the "Por Pramuk" camp (Buakaw's previous camp), and he's as decorated as they come: a 3-time Lumpinee champion (astonishing 6 year reign), WMC world champion, and PABA boxing champion. Namsaknoi also had an unbelievable record of 285 wins and 15 losses.

He's known for being technical in all areas of striking, and it's truly a pleasure to watch the genius at work! Today, he's coaching at Evolve MMA -- a powerhouse camp that's practically a house of legends.

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great video.


i dig the samart one as well:


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great video.


i dig the samart one as well:

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