Naples Fl BJJ?

Hi, I am looking for a BJJ school in Naples Flordia. wanted to know if there was a good one around here.

I am visiting here for another day and night and wanted to take some people to a class so they could watch, and for myself to maybe roll.

thanks alot.
Len (blue belt)

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Network of Naples, FL


Gulf Coast Aikijutsu Academy
2085 Pine Ridge Rd
Naples, FL, 34177

Contact person:
Sensei Frank Cook
Telephone number:
(239) 514-8701

Koma always beats me to the punch.

There are two places to train BJJ in Naples. Ours and Frank Cook's.

I run Naples BJJ. We are an Affiliated Training Group of the Straight Blast Gym. I have several Blue Belt students and one other Purple that trains with us.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday @ 730pm and Sunday @ noon. I am confident in saying that if you try one school, you should try the other.

We are at 3300 Bonita Beach Rd, Suite 143 Bonita Springs (North Naples) in the K-Mart Plaza @ U.S.41 & Bonita Beach Rd.


Actually as I remember, Frank's school has moved. It is no longer on Pine Ridge Rd. Their new location can be found at

e-mail me: