Nastiest break ever?

Just now caught this weeks Bodog. The Japanese girls foot getting broken off has the be the sickest thing I've ever seen. Is she OK?

ttt for an update?

"did it come clean off???"

Just about. Real bad one.

Saku's collar bone break was kind of gross. Just because it was sticking out so far. But yeah, I caught that Bodog show a couple days ago too.

Credit: Stevezur

Great, now my lunch is coming back up...

holy messed up cow...

Lamphey breaking his wifes nose a couple times I hear was bad.

looks slightly intentional to me, but its all good.

ttt this fight took place in Feb, there has to be some news on her.

On the show they said it was a dislocation and that she has already requested a rematch.

Thanks, must have missed that.

I saw that gif last night and I kept staring at it wondering what was the big deal. Just now I see the foot break. Damn, that's a sick looking break.

Ok, here's the dish, another thread yesterday someone said they reset the bone in Costa Rica, but set it wrong, she had to have it reset when she flew home.


It's similar to the Tim Sylvia arm break againt Mir. My leg would have broke if someones entire weight came down on it. Plus it was the lower leg bone Tibia Fibia, kickboxers break those bones with less. I doubt steriods were involved.