Nate ain't your BITCH!


sad just sad

i hate the whole ghetto tough guy thing, but it makes for good tv

Those Diaz boys are always ready to go on the drop of a hat...It's not an act either.

for realz i ainf fuckin playing bitch, mathA FUCKER

War Diaz!!!11


Team Pulver is running the house!

The best part is Nate pulling off his shirt to reveal that massive body.  LOL!

No offense, but the little dude looked a lot tougher with the shirt on.  Maybe even put a bulky sweater over it or something.

holy shit this is gettin way outta hand over nothin

OMG is he still yelling?

who are you haters trying to kid. The UG eats this shit up by the spoonful.

Bad for the Sport? LMAO

This is the sport to 90% of you! Enjoy BITCHES!!!!!

it's 1046pm so i'm guessing this fight doesn't last very long.

this guys are truly embarrassing for the sport. the only guy who seems to be decent is wiman.

The saddest part is that it doesn't appear that any alcohol was involved.

If Nate and Nick ever wanna get out of fighting I would hire both of them to hang drywall on my crew!

promoted IMO...these misfits are making for the best season yet.

wasnt there a suprise guest tonight?

man if y'all ain't enjoy this, well you're boring.

sure it's over the top machoism, but damn if they don't look foolish and funny.

I think they're getting a case of cabin fever early.

I also think some of them ain't handling the camera's too well either.

you knew Nate was gonna be loco, look at his brother.

I've really enjoyed the first two shows.
Especially BJ's gamesmenship. He's really having fun with it and trying to push buttons.

The gangsta posing was at least better than a food fight or training in underwear..

actually you need balance. there has to be drama and conflict, but say next week you have Horn on there as a guest trainer. It should focus on his help etc.
you have to realise though, that non-hardcore MMA fans don't necessairly want to watch a reality show that is mostly training for 12 weeks. hell I don't want to watch just that either.


in my opinion put up or shut up. there is a lot of yelling but no action.if your gonna do something then do it otherwise go pout in your room.