Nate Diaz '100%' Guarantees Trilogy Bout with McGregor


LAS VEGAS – The prospects for a Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz trilogy are very much alive.

Diaz said Friday that he believes there is no doubt he will fight McGregor one more time. The two big stars fought twice in UFC in 2016, with Diaz winning once by submission and McGregor winning the second bout via majority decision.

“I 100% guarantee I’m going to fight Conor McGregor again,” Diaz said at a media event at Resorts World to promote his June 1 boxing match with Jorge Masvidal.

McGregor has brought up the idea of fighting Diaz at the Sphere in Las Vegas during Mexican Independence weekend on a card UFC has planned at the venue. UFC CEO Dana White has since shut that idea down, but Diaz said he would be interested in that bout.

Diaz, 38, also said he believes he will have rematches with Jake Paul and Leon Edwards, whom he lost to in boxing and MMA, respectively. He also wants an MMA rematch against Masvidal, saying the two will inevitably scrap again after Masvidal won their 2019 clash at UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden.

“That’s my hit list,” Diaz said.

Masvidal is still under UFC contract but has retired from MMA and is currently able to box only. Diaz and Masvidal will meet in a boxing match at the Forum in Inglewood, California, in a bout contracted for 175 pounds and 10 rounds.

Masvidal will be making his pro boxing debut. The event will be distributed by Fanmio, and the two fighters are in the middle of a four-city promotional tour, which also includes stops in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

Diaz shouted out Edwards as the most interesting person in UFC at the moment. When Diaz departed UFC as a free agent in 2022, he noted that he didn’t think anything “cool” was happening in the promotion at that time.

“The coolest thing right now from the UFC is Leon Edwards,” Diaz said. “That’s what I got my sights on. I like that fight right now. I think he’s doing great. I think he got better and he’s doing better. Good attitude, good fighter. I think he’s probably the best thing in the UFC right now.”

Diaz is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Paul, the YouTuber-turned-prizefighter, in August in Diaz’s pro boxing debut.

We. Don’t. Care. About. McTapper.


This , 100 % Guaranteed


People probably care even less about Nate considering how pathetic he’s looked in his last few contests. That goes for mma and boxing. Absolutely pathetic.


I don’t ever want to see him fight again lol but it’s still fuck McTapper

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He’s still going to be a draw as long as he can be a threatening opponent to others. That’s what he still has going for him; until he shows us that he doesn’t have that anymore.

I think for Conor it’s more so the thought of he “could” be a threatening opponent now a days as to actually being a threatening opponent, especially against the guys he wants to fight. I don’t think he beats any top guys at all, and that’s all he will fight. The last time he came off as a “threatening opponents” was against Cerrone, and we all know damn well he was only there for the pay day and didn’t try to take the fight to Conor or fight back.


He had a few moments in the fights with Dustin that made people think he could do it. But ultimately I agree with what you’re saying.


Ill agree with that, he landed a couple pretty good shots in that fight

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He did. Even though I really just wanted to see him smashed and would’ve been happy if he had no success, it made the fights more exciting for me than they would have been otherwise.


That’s true as well, as much as I wanted Dustin to beat the hell out of him again in fight 3, Conor breaking his leg left me feeling meh even though it gave Dustin the win

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LAS VEGAS – UFC CEO Dana White shut down rumors of a Conor McGregor return fight announcement during UFC 300.

McGregor (22-6 MMA, 10-4 UFC) has recently been the main source of stirring up rumors about his return date, but according to the promotion boss, things are not set at the moment. “The Notorious” has said he will return to face Michael Chandler (23-8 MMA, 2-3 UFC) at International Fight Week in Las Vegas, which would be UFC 303 in June.

McGregor’s latest teaser was a photo posted to Instagram of him facing off with someone wearing a yellow Teletubby costume, with a caption that reads: “THE FIGHT IS ON! MCGREGOR VS. CHANDLER! See you on the date I said.”

Reporters at the Power Slap 7 post-event news conference asked White if McGregor could headline International Fight Week.

“I saw the post,” White said. “I don’t know what the Teletubby means, but it could be. Hopefully. That’s what we want to do.”

The June event does not yet have a main event announced, and it appears White and the promotion would be up for McGregor and Chandler to fill the marquee.

White was later asked if fans could expect any surprises during the UFC 300 broadcast, which he took as another hint at a McGregor fight announcement.

“No, I don’t think there’s any surprises,” White said. “I know what you’re talking about and it’s all internet bullsht. I can honestly sit here right now and tell you we do not have a deal done for the Conor fight. So, I know there’s lots of rumblings, people expect the fcking place to go black, and some big announcement, they’re expecting them to walk out – it’s all internet bullsh*t, like NBC News.”

White did not indicate an urgency to get pens to paper in the final hours before UFC 300 so that a last-minute announcement could be made at the event. However, fights can and have come together quickly in the past. As it currently stands though, the UFC boss encourages fans to tune out the “internet bullsh*t.”

And I 100% guarantee nobody gives a fucking shit.