Nate M.: "I just feel much better overall at 170" 

Are you at all tired of being asked questions about your move to 170?

[Long pause] Ah, a little bit. I’m not sure if I’m tired of it, but I think people have been focusing on it a lot. It’s big news for the welterweight division, but, for me, it’s not a huge thing. it’s exciting and new, but the weight-cut isn’t that huge of a deal. My training is much more important than the weight-cut. For me, the weight-cut is, basically, just being hungrier than I was before [laughs]. My training takes up, pretty much, all of my energy, so I’m not focused on the weight-cut.

Do you feel any different at welterweight?

I feel much better; I feel quicker, my stamina has gone way up, and I just feel much better overall at 170. I feel like I have more energy, too.

Had you thought about making the move sooner?

Not really, no. Before my last fight, it was something that my coaches and I talked about and I thought it was a good career move.

Do you regret not making the move to welterweight sooner?

No—not at all. I think I have had some great fights at 185 and I was at the top of the division for years. Like I said; this is new and exciting—there are new guys to fight and there’s a new challenge in making weight.

Read the whole thing, super interview...not the usual run of the mill questions. Some good background on how he got into the sport.

 Big Nate fan so I'm excited to see him at 170, although I think he will find the same problem there (GSP) that he had a 185 (Anderson).  Some really interesting fights for him though at 170 with Koz, Alvez, Diaz, Kampmann and Condit.  Can't wait!

 What did Nate walk around at? He seemed like a really big middle.

170 lbs Marquardt is just Nate without as much of the "magic stuff". He was actually a lightweight before he discovered vitamin S.

Seems like everybody's moving down these days.

Wonder who's next?

Hint: After August 6th.

how does he know he feels much better at WW when he hasn't had a fight there recently?

wrestlers = his kryptonite....
WW = +++ wrestlers than @ MW !

Blatant attempt to duck Bisping


 Rick Story beating Marquardt would be the worst possible scenario for the WW division.