Nate Maness vs. Tony Gravely

Up next… I got Gravely

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Both are super underrated

Stop the fight


That dude was out as can be. What a comeback


Fight should have been stopped

oh my!!!

Amazing fight! FOTN

Well I stand corrected

-Dan Hardy

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If you are impressionable enough to be swayed by Bisping’s obvious desire to blow Gravely, you could forget he was a heavy underdog for a reason.

Maness was concussed 100%
Sending him back out was SUPER dangerous
Good for him though


Respectfully but totally disagree. Gravely is pillow fisted at this level.

I agree man just playing around. He looked completely out of it and pale in the corner. Wild fight

He said that it was the first time in his career that he’s been dropped. Not that it changes anything.

FWIW, I’m glad his corner didn’t call it. I’m sure he is too.


You can be respectful and still be totally wrong

He got dropped and was staring at the floor when the 1st ended