Nate Targeting Winner Of Usman - Colby For Finale

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Diaz appears to be very interested in Saturday’s main event between Usman and Covington. Taking to his social media on Friday, Diaz posted a photo of the UFC welterweight champion and his rival during the staredown. On top of the two fighters, Diaz posted a picture of a target along with a dart hitting the bullseye in the center of it.
Diaz is coming off of a decision loss to Leon Edwards in his last fight at UFC 263 earlier this year, but overall he is one of the biggest draws in the sport. So even though he lost his last fight, it’s still possible that he could get a title shot against the winner of the UFC 268 main event, as crazy as it sounds. Remember, Diaz is in the final contract of his UFC career. So while it seems unlikely he would get a title shot in the final fight on his contract, in the case that he re-upped and signed a new contract with the UFC, a title shot could be a part of it.

That might be the way for Diaz to get the winner of this fight between Usman and Covington if he is able to reach a deal with the UFC and forgo free agency. Otherwise, if he just has the one fight left on his deal, it seems like the UFC would rather book him against Khamzat Chimaev instead. That seems like a tough fight for Diaz, but the upside is big if he does get the win over the sport’s top prospect. Either way, Diaz is in a position to cash in.

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Without a new multi fight contract, It will never happen. Even then he is too inactive to be a champ.


A delusional Diaz? Well I never!


Lose your last fight and want a title fight.

Staying true to that Diaz name


He’s playing chess with Dana.

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Normally I’d say this is part of the negotiation game, but with the Diaz brothers, he probably forgot he lost his last few fights and thinks he’s next. At this point just let whoever kick his ass and let him go.

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whens the last time nate won a fight?

He can co-headline under Weidman getting a title shot in his return fight

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What if Usman/Colby actually want to fight him as their next fight?

Why wouldn’t they? Low risk, big reward.

The thought of Diaz playing chess and talking mad shit

Champions clause

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Stockton chess, homie…STOCKTON!