Nathan Wanted By Louisiana PoPo for Bar Brawl



Police in Louisiana say they are searching for Nate Diaz of Stockton, a well-known MMA fighter, after he was involved in a downtown New Orleans street fight that left another person unconscious.

Videos shared across social media show Diaz putting another man into a chokehold. Diaz can be seen kicking that man with his knee before releasing his hold and letting the man fall to the ground. An arrest warrant was issued for Diaz on charges of second-degree felony battery in connection, a release from the New Orleans Police Department read
The fight happened along the 400 block of Bourbon Street in the downtown area around 2:10 a.m. early Saturday morning, police said.

As officers arrived, police said witnesses told them about an unconscious person. A short time later, he regained consciousness, and officers noticed he was bleeding from the back of his head. Medical personnel came to give the man aid.

Mikey Hothi, the Lodi mayor, was with Diaz in New Orleans this week for one of his scheduled fights. The two can be seen posing in an Instagram post on Hothi’s profile.

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Warrant Issued 2nd Degree Battery


The MMA community was surprised to see Nate Diaz’s name in the headlines after getting involved in an altercation with a social media personality.

Diaz attended the Misfit Boxing 6 fight on April 22 at the XULA Convocation Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, to support his teammate Chris Avila. Avila defeated Paul Bamba by unanimous decision at the event.

While he was there to support his teammate, he almost got into a brawl with reality TV star Chase DeMoor. The TV star said something to Diaz, and the former UFC fighter threw a water bottle at him. Fortunately, security was there to stop both Diaz and DeMoor from getting into a fight at Misfit Boxing 6.


what level of a crime is that

fans GIF


open hand elbowed him for chris’s sake
these things do not happen in lousiania



Mother fucker got War Machine.




Sucks for Nate. He needs to lawyer the fuck up.

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Back of Homeboys head was leaking.

Nate has 2 kids.

Gotta drop the keeping it street when ya got kids.


Clout chasing bums. What’s he supposed to do with brawls breaking out all around him & some jackass is sole focused on him approaching in a increasingly sketchy aggresive manner. Even tried backing up before establishing hand control to prevent being swung on.

Self defense imo

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Fake Paul coming at him

I wonder if he thought he was the real Paul brother….


Do not enter my personal space during a gentlemanly disagreement such as that and you’ll be fine, don’t and I’m trying to drop you or put you out to create and opportunity to get away. You notice Nate’s eyes were on everyone else the whole time.