Nazi-fighter at Glad Chall 28?

Just looked through Jan 05 edition of Grappling Mag, with a story from Gladitor Challenge 28. It shows pictures of a fighter with a HUGE svastika on his upper body. Who is that guy and how is he able to get fights in a promotion of that caliber?

And yeah I know the svastica wasnt a nazi symbol before WW I and WW II and originally was an ancient Inca or Maya symbol for the sun but the guy doesnt look south american to me!

Sorry my broadband was not working a few weeks ago. SO WHO was he?

Maybe he got it so he could survive in prison.

Maybe he got it when he was younger and stupider and regrets it.

Maybe he lives in a free country and chose to put that on his body. Jezuz get over it!!

No, alot worse than la giant!

Its his body, who the hell are you to tell him what he can put on it?

Quote: "Its his body, who the hell are you to tell him what he can put
on it?"

I second that. I have no love for racists and extremists, but people
should not be excluded from any sport due to their political or
religious beliefs. And it is his body.

Americans are weird in the sense that they don´t really care about
racism so much as the APPEARANCE of racism. That´s why there´s no
real program in place to lift minorities out of the "welfare trap", no
qualms about the HUGE discrepancy in the color of prisoners on death
row and things like that, but if one person decides to shave his head
and put a swastika on his body everybody freaks.

Better to be an open racist, for everyone to see than to hide behind a
false facade and undermine minorites behind the scenes.

In a curious way I respect this guy. His opinions are hated and feared
by most people but he stands by them. You know where he stands.


part of having the right to make choices is accepting the consequences of those can't do whatever you want and then hide behind "it's a free country" garbage to demand that everyone accept your actions.

Yes he has a right to get a giant swastica tattooed on his body...promoters and fans have just as much right to say that this is not the image or the person we want representing our sport.

I was disturbed by it as I'm sure other people were. I'm sure any credible organization on TV wouldn't use someone to portray their image. At least the trailerpark scumbag got his ass kicked like EVERY other fighter with that tat will never make it big as a fighter or anything else for that matter.

Figures I'd get mentioned on this one.


If the ethnic cleanser Crocop got a swaztika tat, would you ban him from fighting? I don't care if someone had a tat that said death to all jews, fags, and colored people - if he's a good fighter, let him fight.

"Who is that guy and how is he able to get fights in a promotion of that caliber?"


i doubt he will ever get a chance at a big show b/c of it. MMA at this stage does not need more controversy.

The first amendment isn't there to protect the speech that we like, its
there to protect the speech that we DON'T like.

the things the UG rallies around is amazing.....

I'm not going to post his name on a public forum, but I fought him at a subsequent GC. He has since grown his hair out and when I fought him he wore a rashguard. I fucking hate nazis more then anyone, but he was a nice guy and I think he is trying to get away from the mistakes of his past. None of my business though, I'm a fighter, and I fight. No more, no less.

If it makes you guys feel better I did tap him out with the quick fast. :)

-Tosh Cook
New Era Martial Arts, Inc.

Dude's name is Gary Greene.
He's 0-2.

I have known one guy who used to be a neo-nazi and had trully changed his life and was horribly emberrassed by his past. I'm sure he was glad he didn't have any lingering tatoos.

I don't think someone should be banned from a tournament because of their beliefs, even if they are despicable. I was at first thinking that if I was matched up with someone like that I would refuse to fight as a display of my disgust....but after pondering it more I think I would deffinately take the match because I think seeing stupid shit like that would make me so mad that I would go harder than ever against him.