ne1 else having a problem with PPV


yeah i am i cant get a hold of my cable company they keep putting me on hold for 45 min and then they disconnect me. Shit pisses me off

Comcast in the bay area of CA froze @4:36 of rd 3 of the Cote fight. Called customer support, and the lead in message is "we are having difficulty with UFC 67 PPV.."

Just when Eastman was about to walk in the octagon it froze up on me.

Party's over TommyB. Anybody show up tonight?

No. I stopped inviting people since they never showed up.

The biggest problem I'm having is that so far this card has sucked dick for $40.

I'm the only one with a real excuse.

rebooted cable box and it works for me.

And what's your excuse southfan?

319 miles.

cox didn't have it for at least the first 45 minutes. i left and went to a bar
that was showing it and had no further problems.

I had problems with the sound. It look like the sound and video feeds were out of synce. Similar to watching a UHF Saturday Kung-Fu feature.

the talking was funny thats all - the vioces looked like an old bruce lee

I'm pretty sure I'm farther away than you, Southfan (you sissy).