Neck Crank Defense


Do you have any suggestions on how to defend against the neck crank when the opponent is mounted on you? The opponent has one arm under your neck and grabbing his other bicep. He places his palm on your forehead and leans his weight forward to put on pressure.

If you bridge & roll opponent over, it still doesn't solve the crank because now he has you in his guard and can stretch out fairly easy.

I found that if you push up on his chin or head, it keeps him from being able to put the weight down, but also leaves your arm open.

Any other suggestions?

If your opponent is hooking his right arm behind your neck, put your right wrist at the bend of his left elbow before he grabs his bicep. He can't crank you if he can't connect his arms. Then do your footlift/drag on your left side.

I'm a little confused. Do you mean to reach across and put your right wrist at the bend of his right elbow? Or would it be your right wrist at the bend of his left elbow?

Left. Editted my original post.

Thanks for clearing that up, Bolo! I'm no longer confused! Well... at least not on this point. :)