neck injury

I need some advice concerning a neck injury.

I was rolling in BJJ class, and my opponent had me in scarf hold. While holding my legs down and with his arm around my shoulders and neck, he brought his arms together; the motion looked like a dumbell flye. I felt my neck stretch forward a little bit, but there was no pain.

I was really sore the next day; no sharp pain, numbness, cracking/other sounds, tingling, etc, but really sore. I have been icing, taking ibuprofin and not exercising for four days now, but I still have some significant soreness.

Is there anything I can do to speed healing? How about heat and gentle stretching? I'm a little paranoid, since even though it's a minor injury, it is to my neck.

Thank you for your help.

I kinda had the same thing happen to me man.Didnt feel any pain during rolling but on the way home i noticed pain when turning to look if i could change lanes.For the next two days i had soreness even when laying down and kinda felt like i had slept on it wrong,pain when yawning or coughing and it only felt better when soaking in hot water.Its been 5 days and the pain is almost gone,i was gonna go to class tonight but i tested it out a little and it got sore again.So im gonna wait 2 more days and when i go into class im gonna let instructor know.It sounds similar to your situation,i think its just a muscle sprain or strain bro,im not a doctor or anything but thats what i think.