neck pain..heat or ice?

really fucked up my neck in training tonight.

what's best, heat or ice?

(I took some robixicet's already)

Ice is best.

thanks man

Ice for 36 hr., 20min. at a time. You can use heat after that if needed.

thanks guys

"Ice for 36 hr., 20min. at a time. You can use heat after that if needed."

"tristar, I have been told to alternate ice and heat. Always seemed to work. Hope it gets better."

As a veteran of a chronically fucked neck (from wrestling and judo), ive learned a few basic things.

It depends what the problem with your neck is but ice basically cuts off the blood running in the area you apply it (or decreases it a lot). I believer generally, heat makes an injury worse because it stimulates more blood flow to the injured area.

So massaging and stretching can actually make an injury worse if its still cramping or spazzing out (in certain situations).

Ive been told, for a strain, pull, type injury, ice is best for about 48 hours AND THEN alternate ice and heat.

In all situations though, you gotta to listen to your body too. Could be better or worse than what the standard tells you...

Dont forget to stretch and warm that neck up for rolling too. Good luck, hombre...

ice only for the first 24 hours to get the swelling down, ibuprofrin 800mg every 6 hours and drink lots of water.

when you do the ice put it in two plastic bags and put it right on the shin, leave it only for 15 minutes then wait an hour and do it again because with out much of a barrier it can start to cause frost bite after 15 min

after 24 hours alternate ice and heat one the first hour then the other.

hope that helps


i like to heat then stretch then ice and a light stretch after the ice

I'd ice for the first 72 hours. No hot tub, hot bath, heat, etc... Ice doesn't
"cut off" the blood flow, it increases the blood flow once the ice is
removed, helping speed the healing process.

I am all kinds of fucked up today.

Did not sleep at all last night due to the pain. Just trying to move an inch in bed was a hassle, as this pain is pretty bad.

I'm walking completely lopsided today, I must look like I'm an 80 year old man.

Taking tons of advil and icing it

Can't believe what I did here!

NO MATTER what, NO HEAT for the first 24 hours AT LEAST, I would go with 48. You might not see or feel that it is inflamed, but if it was injured, I am sure that it is.

Also, seeing a Chriopractor today or tomorrow would help a lot.

Wow... I see it's best not to ask for health advice hear.
- Ice directly on the skin is NOT the way to go, wrap it in a tee shirt or something.
- To ice or heat depends on the injury, simple muscle aches can use heat. Anything that involves swelling or inflamation needs ice and NSTAIDS for a good 36 hrs. or so. the purpose of iceing IS to restict blood flow to the swollen area temp. to reduce inflamation.
-Large areas like your back should be iced for no longer than 20 min. or the body will start pumping MORE blood to the area, having the opposite effect desired. Small areas such as the nose- 10-15 min.
-Some people like ice and heat, which is fine after the swelling is down.
- I've had good luck with my chiropractor curing back pain, but I hear their not all equal.


Doctor is probably best.

Similar injury w/ me a few years ago. I recall my masseuse, doctor and chiropractor all called for a warm bath to relax the muscles (outside of prescribed treatment that is).

Wrap with t-shirt Then add ice w/salt for maximum coldness For the first 12 hrs or so then heat for a small period of time then alternate, but after all the different instruction youve gotten so far i doubt your going to do this anyway


thanks for all the advice guys. Feeling much better. Went to physio twice, which REALLY helped. Went to see my doctor as well. Both doc and phsio therapist don't think it's anything too serious, just a really bad strain that I waited too long to get checked out.

Before I strained it last week, I was feeling a little pinch in there for about a week but chose to ignore it because I always get neck pain, even since I'm young. I won't make that mistake again.

Physio therapist kind of depressed me when she explained to me that even though I'm only 26, I'm not 18 anymore and have to take it easy sometimes when I'm feeling a bit of pain :(

I actually had neck surgery c5-6. I would be careful training with a bad neck.If you have a buldging disc it could be dangerous (spinal cord injury)so if its bad you really should get an MRI.

Good choice, the doctor was probably a good way to go. WebMD and the others have some good advice as well.