Need 180 Pd. Amatuer, IN

One of our fighters has an injury and we need a 180 pd fighter for NHB rul;es at our May 1st show in Fort Wayne, IN. Please contact us ASAP if interested.


Universal Challenge 1
Brought to you by K.O.1 Productions and The Fight Factor,

Time/Date: May 1st at 7:00PM Location: 2300 Meyer Rd (SW Corner of New Haven Ave. and Meyer Rd.) Fort Wayne, IN

We will be featuring Muay Thai , Kickboxing, Submission, and NHB matches These are Amatuer matches, trophies and awards are provided for all competitors. If you are a fighter wanting to get your feet wet or still a practicing amateur, then these matches will be good exposure through The Fight Factor. Look for the Fearless Freestyle Fighting Championships 6 this summer, as this will be a good opportunity to get into that show.

We are looking for amateur NHB fighters in Middle Weight, Light-Heavyweight, and Heavyweight classes as well as some Submission Matches.

You can call us at 260-705-7711 for NHB and Submission, and 260-312-9010 fro Muay Thai and Kickboxing. You may also visit our Universal Challenge page at for rules and info. If your application does not go through, just email your stats to us.

Thank you, Support The Sport!!! The Fight Factor Team




come on somebody is around 180 and wants to fight

Wish i was 180

what do you wieght



start cutting now

may 1st i dont think so..LOL

the guy that you would fight, fights from 180 to 210,might be able to work something out

If you are covering travel contact matthew waller he has a few amatuers that may want the fight.

Mathew emailed us and we called with no return call.

ttt, someone