Ring of Combat 8 is looking for a replacement for Chris Liguori who was injured in Euphoria to fight against James Gabert on March 19th at the Asbury Park Convention Hall. If interested please call (718) 372-9089 or email

Shannon Ritch

Jorge Santiago

call ATT.

David Loiseau, try the Canadian forum.

Ray arent you like 183?

I was going to say Ray Stienbeiss? Brother of the Snipper.

Trevor the fight is on the 19th of march, I have your show on the 12th so that is a no go or I would consider it for sure.

Fighters should be local to NJ and have their NJ medicals which include:
CAT scan
Eye Exam
Complete Blood Work

Pete Sell! Oh, but maybe he has a UFC contract now. But you can't tell me Sell wouldn't be an awesome replacement.

Sell is from Serra who is from Renzo and Gabert is from Renzo so they would not be able to fight

doh! self-pwned

Mike Littlefield or Nuri maybe they would move up in weight.