Need A.M. Judo in CT

So last year I was able to train Judo for about 6 months, until the time away from my lovely fiancee was just too much (I was training on my only free nights, and she goes to bed LONG before I do).

Does anyone know of any judo clubs in CT that have morning or early afternoon classes? I'm starting to realize it's the only way I'll ever be able to stay in it consistently.


looks like youll have to quit. sorry.

"looks like youll have to quit. sorry. " - lol!

Seriously though, how many nights a week were you training? 1 is better than none. Do you train in anything else? If she goes to bed so early, you may find a place with an adults class later in the evening. Some BJJ schools seem to have later classes also. Don't forget, you need some "you time" as well. If all you do is go to work and see your girl, you won't be very happy in the long run (most likely).

Sorry for not filling in that info:

I want Judo specifically. I teach BJJ & JKD on my other nights, which is what limits my time with her (she 9-to-5's it and goes in early). So all I do is teach and see her, which is cool, but I need to develop some skill in my standing grappling with the jacket (hence the need for judo).

Ah well. Next up: the search for private instruction (found one sensei that'll do it already). I can use my students and their need for throws to get my reps & drills in.

I was in the Mystic/Grotin area of Eastern Connecticut for 4-5 days in late October and couldn't find a judo or bjj club within a reasonable distance. I'm hoping to be in the area again in the spring so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks.

good luck chris...john

May want to email the sensei there and ask.