Need Help - BJJ Gainesville??

Need some help guys.

A friend was looking to get their kid involved in BJJ in the Gainesville, FL. area.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated?


American Top team

Isnt that where Littleguy is from?



F2 is the best place in Gainesville. There are some Karate schools in town that claim they teach BJJ but we all know better. Contact Jason Braswell or Jason Dolder for specifics.

I reccommend F2. Great guys with skills.


Thanks gusy for the kind words! ATT you can hit me up with an email at We teach all NO GI submission grappling along with wrestling and muay thai/boxing. We have a variety of students ranging from 15-50 so let us know if we can help out. We are an affilate academny of Marcio Simas in orlando!

Jason Dolder

Is Mike Lee still with F2? I know he moved to Orlando but didnt know if he trained with you guys or not anymore.

I'm mikes old roomate jason braswell and I took over after Mike moved he still comes up and trains every once in a while but he trys to avoid it liek the plauge becasue he hates to get beat! LOL

F2 is full of pretty boys but they are tough as hell :)

The F2 guys (esp Dolder) might act and look like retards but they know how to fight...

Thanks guys. I will pass this info on to them.

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Mike Lee and his guys treated me great when I visted a few years ago. Tight group of guys... we watched the UFC together at one of their houses. Good NHB and grappling.


Mike Lee would appreciate the comment, thats all he ever cared about looking good for the ladies!

whats up jay, been to tommys school lately? Pico