Need help choosing GI size..

So I'm getting a Gameness Air GI, I'm about 6'2, 165lbs, but the size chart for the GI's say:

A3: 5'10 - 6' , and 167-200 lbs.
A4: 6'1 - 6'4 , and 205-245 lbs.

So I kinda fall in between 2 sizes, but it seems that I'm closer to the A3? I just wanna make sure it wont be too small height wise. the A4 seems like it might be much too big (going by weight anyways)

Post your thoughts/opinions, all appriciated!

Edit: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section , just woke up and wasn't thinking when I made this haha, mods can move it if need be.

if you have long arms go with the size 4, if not take the size 3...but gain some weight before you do anything.

my arms are about average, 74 inch reach about..
i just think the a4 would be wayyyy to big since even the a3 is above my weight, i just hope its not too short, but im only 1-2 inches over (which seems better than being 40-75 lbs under with the A4), but im not sure


Are you dead set on getting a Gameness Gi?

If so, go for an A3 and live with the length being a little short. A4 would be like a tent on you.

Personally I'd suggest that you look in to other brands. Keiko Racas' are generally accepted as being very good for tall, lean people. You'd fit right in to an A3 size for one of them.

 I wear A4 but  I'm 250.

i contacted gameness and they suggested an A3 for me.
Also, i have 5/190 judo pants which fit me perfect, and i heard they were equivalent to the A3 pant sizing. so if thats the case, i think it should be fine.