Need Help with Foot Jab??

I need help with my foot jab. Whenever I'm sparring I normally aim for my opponents mid section (lower abdomen) but he is still able to catch and lift my foot. When my sparring partners throws the foot jab, I am also able to catch their feet with ease. Is the foot jab one of those techniques that takes forever to master? What do I need to do to prevent my opponent from catching my foot jab? Is it possible I am aiming too high and should be aiming at my opponents thighs?

try using the foot jab as a counter to a thai kick.
you can also set it up with the likes of a lead round kick or jab or what have ya. Hope it helps.

No one else any advice on the foot jab. Is my target too high, should I just aim for the legs?

Your target is fine, it's your setup/timing for it that is lacking, you have no setup and you don't seem to be doing it at the right time. The foot jab works best as a defensive countermeasure to your opponents aggression, either their attack, or their forward movement. It's a stopper that lets you get YOUR distance and timing to land your bombs.

As an offensive weapon, it's not as good, but can still be used effectively IMO. You just need to set it up with your hands, throw a punch and leave it hanging in front of their face as a diversion, then throw the foot jab. Although, if you're going to do that, round kick to the thigh works more effectively IMHO.

You might try faking the foot jab, start to throw it and when their hands go down to catch, spring in off the other leg and throw a flurry of punches, after the second or third flurry, they won't be so anxious to catch your teeps.

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Skpotamus is 100% correct.

A few extra thoughts...

I prefer using the teep/push kick/foot jab to my opponents chest rather than their midsection. I have found that hitting them up higher really MOVES them. It is much easier to knock them down or off balance with this kick. So even if they try to scoop it, you are still more than likely to kick them away from you.

Another thing to practice is what to do after your opponent scoops your kick. You should IMMEDIATELY kick again before he positions your leg to his side! My instructor, Master K, taught us to continue kicking and kicking when your opponent scoops your Push Kick. It is unimaginably hard for your opponent to hold on, and you will be shaking him around if he decides to do so.

Khun Kao