Need info on Caique Brown Belt...

I'm looking for information on Montise Peterson, brown belt under Caique in Dearborn MI.

He claims to have received his purple under Rickson, had a falling out, switched to Caique and received his brown under him. Are his credentials legit?

How good is he? Anyone see him compete? How good of an instructor is he? Anyone train with him?

Please let me know. Thanks!

He is listed as a brown belt on Caique's own site.

"How good is he?"

This is the best question ever! Some might think he's amazing, others who's game matches up perfect with his might say he's ok. Someone who's been training for 1yr might think he's god on the mat. It's all relative.

he's good. very technical and amazing attention to detail. I believe he just had surgery recently though.....

I've trained briefly with Montese back when he first opened. It is true that he's got a purple under Rickson, I believe there's certificates in his office that have Rickson's name on it, as well as pics.

I don't know if he's competed.

As far as his ability, he's one of the only guys that i've trained with in GI BJJ, but he seemed to know his jits, and is very articulate. It was years ago, but I remember being impressed with him.

I'm sure that if he has a brown under Caique, and is listed on Caique's own site, he is legit. I don't think Caique gives those belts to folks who don't deserve it.

Montise is good bro.

"Montise is good bro." - Hostile

End of Thread!

My brown belt Caique instructor drives a tractor and he beats me with a broom handle.

"he beats me with a broom handle."

Tough love, I like it.

any belt caique has /gives is legit he makes you earn your s*#& G

Hello everyone, My name Montise Peterson. I never read or view website like this one nor am I member of any such sites. However, I recieved an email from my Professor Caique informing me about the inqury and was shocked and honored that anyone would be aware of my presence and that many spoke highly of me, thank you.

Let me set the record straight. I've been training in the Martial Arts for 27 years and have a 5th degree black belt in Karate. I have also trained in boxing, kick boxing, akido, Japanese Ju-Jutsu, and am certified in numerous weapons. I've been training BJJ for 12 years and recieved both my blue and purple from Professor Rickson Gracie.(I have signed certificates from him hanging on the wall in my office)I recieved the highest score on my test from Professor Rickson out of the 20 or so guys that tested with me. I've had the previledge of training with the following Rickson Black Belts: Fabio Santos, Rodrigo Vahgi, Luis Heredia who I spent alot of time train with and aiding him durung seminars and Professor Heredia is awsome and it was an honor to train with him. Also I've trained with; Relson for two years (lots of private lessons-great instructor)Royce, rolker, Rigan, John, and Jean- Machado. Saulo Ribero, and many other black belts over the years.

For the last 2 or three years it has been an honor and previladge to be a student and representitve of the great Professor Caique from whom I've recived my Brown belt and hopefully soon my Black Belt.

As far as my Academy. I teach BJJ different from any other BJJ school I have ever visted. I teach BJJ no different than I teach my Karate classes. Very traditional with bowing, meditation, student creed, and respect for instructors and senior students. I am reffered to as Sensei Peterson by my students and I give equal respect to them. I am very selective about who I allow to train as a student at my Academy. I have turned many away who I feel don't fit in at my school.

We are very friendly and welcoming and believe in upholding the honor Martial Arts first and BJJ second.

Thanks and keeping hard, hopefully we'll one day have pleasure of meeting each other.

Your BJJ Brother,
Sensei Montise Peterson

^ Best first post in a long time :)

Montise has been a great resource for us and our school (Warrior Way) for
the past few years. He is always open with ideas and techniques on how
to run a 'professiona' BJJ school and not just a 'club'. Montise has been in
the game along time and, like he mentioned, has trained with some of the
best. He is a big part of the BJJ scene in Michigan and an important piece
of Team Caique.

Haha, also, he MUST be flattered to have people talk
about him, since he is posting! He doesn't spend much time w/ all the
soap opera BJJ stuff on the Internet. Hopefully he won't become an addict
now that he has his first post out of the way! :)