Need Jen pin escape review

Looking for a review of ultimate pin escapes especially the sidemount tape.  I read the one  at but it didn't review this tape.  Any help would be appreciated.

I have it, but dont recall all thats on it. The entire set is very good, actually come to think of it I need to go atch them a few dozen more times.

I'll give a review after if you still need.

or Just buy'em they're very good

Sidemount is like the rest of the tapes, systematically progressive and integrated into an overall strategy/approach. Begins with basic guard recovery, the goes into various forms of resistance (eg. what to do if they block your hip with their arm, then with the knee, etc.).

It covers all the major catagories (guard recovery, going to the knees, bridging to reverse, and taking the back) in the same step-by-step manner, then shows you how to flow between the catagories as the opponent defends.

Thanks people.


Do you remember if he shows escapes for all the different arm and knee positions.

Here is a crude text to explain.


arm      O||                    ||O  arm                      ||O  arm

               ||                    ||                                 ||

 arm     O||                    ||O arm            arm  O ||





I believe he does, though I never did a running count. Again, it's based on progressive resistances. The guy starts, if memory servers, pinning with the far hand across and Bolo shows guard recovery. Then to stop the guar recovery, the brings the far hand back to block the hip (so there are two far arm positions). Bolo shows how to handle that, then the guy brings his far knee up to counter, and Bolo shows how to handle that (so there are two knee positions). Same with weight back vs. weight forward, different angles, etc.

Cherrypicker, it's a great tape set, a must have IMO. He addresses all the major hand positions as well as your opponent's weight placement. BTW, I also recommend Matt Thornton's Escapes from Bottom (Functional JKD Series 2) tape. These two tape sets together make up about 90% of my bottom game.


I recommend it, it's very comprehensive. One thing that's puzzling is that he doesn't cover how to use the underhook posture from under side mount, which is like a bread and butter posture for most people.


I don't know why he didn't talk about that posture. I think he didn't because he can basically shut it down without any prolem. If he is on the opponents right side, and they have this posture, he will hold under their left leg with his right arm. He keeps his head down so they can't get the reverse triangle. He also has a great Kimura set-up he does from there. This is just the begining.

I've gone back and forth, experimenting with both the underhook posture and the forearm under throat posture from under the side mount and I've always come back to the latter, particularly because I tend to end up getting my underhook buried under my opponent's body. It has become very clear to me that just getting an underhook isn't enough. You have to raise your underhook arm and try to lift it over your head and not have it down over your stomach.

Maybe I'm just not bridging often enough, but I tend to like the forearm under throat posture much better.

My thinking from under the side mount is to get posture, get on my side, create space between my hips and his hips and my shoulders and his shoulders, and then simultaneously try to get my head and my near knee under his stomach. He will block either one but hopefully not both. If I get my knee under, I pull guard. If I get my head under, I get to my knees.



What I love about the sidemount tape is how Jen shows his preferred beginning posture, then actually shows you how to pummel your way into it before trying to escape. Very few instructors even mention posture, much less spend any time on how to achieve it.

Jen's teaching here reminds me of something said by Tom Oberhue on the SBG tapes. Good posture on the bottom lets you start at "zero". Not great, but at least you've got some measure of defense, stabilty and mobilty from which to launch escapes. Bad posture (pinned flat on your back, arms killed) puts you at "negative two". From here, you can't even get room to move, much less mount an effective defense.

Thx again for all of the feedback.  I am going to save up.  I have put way too much stuff on my credit card.  Anyword on when they go to DVD?


This was my first purchase of Michael jen's(bolo) material and I loved it. Since then I've purchased just about everything he's done.