Need Some Advice

So I met this guy who wants to open up his own school of combat training and wants me as one of his students. So, he's been telling me how he used to be a great kickboxer, and about the diffrent fights that he has been in, and all his credentials. Problem is I looked up his name on the net and nothing came up, is there another way that I can find out whether this guy is legit or just another story teller who learns from $50 videos. He seems like he knows a bunch and could potentally get me to where I want to be, but I dont want to waste my time on someone who dosnt know a damn thing.

There are alot of very good but lesser known instructors out there, and there are alot of very well known but very bad instructors out there.

find out who his opponents were & look up their names. What events he was at, etc etc.

Why don't you just go and train with him, if you like it stay if you don't leave (assuming no bullshit contractual crap)

Ya know, just because you were a great competitor doesnt mean your even an ok instructor...

and The majority of GREAT coaches out there were only mediocer competitiors at best.

this is in all sports by the way, not just fighting.

Just see what the guy is and make your own choice

makeout with him

If you ask about him on here by name you will probably get someone who knows him or knows of him.

Gokart, I don't want to say his name because that could be embarrasing to him, and thats not exactly what I am going for, but I have trained with him, he knows alot more then I do when it comes to certain types of fighting, but I tried some bjj with him and though I do weigh a bit more then he does, he couldnt get too much on me, it's possible that he could have just been going easy on me though...

He seems pretty hesitant to train with me because he says he has trained with people before and they left after they learned the basics. Though I am not sure if that is truth or not.

I will see him later this week and ask him for his trophys and who he competed with and who he trained with. I would really like him to be what he says he is, so hopefully it works out. If anyone else has suggestion I would be glad to hear it.