Need UFC info for sponsorship

I need the UG's help here, so if anybody knows where I can find this info please let me know. Thanks...

--Aside from Feb. 5th, what are the announced dates for the next four or five UFC events. Have they been announced yet?

--The UFC fighter I am working with said the next UFC (after Feb. 5th) is at Manadalay Bay also. Any other info on this would be greatly appreciated,

--Is the UFC available on international PPV, or just in the U.S. I need specifics if anyone has them.

--Anyone know where I can find the exact number of PPV buys from the last three, four shows? Live gate sales wouldn't hurt either.

--Lastly, how can I find out how recent UFC DVD sales are going. Since a fighter's likeness and subsequent sponsorship will be shown repeatedly on home video, that information would be invaluable to me.

Thank you everyone for the help. Fact is, I've been on the UG reading for a few years now, but this is my first official post. Thanks again...

TTT for saucy!

I do know that saucy would be the perfect person to answer my questions. Where are you girl, help a (really light-skinned) brother out.

ttt for answers!

Don't ignore me people, I need help here :)

Call the damn UFC office!

"help a (really light-skinned) brother out."

Albino's are always welcomed here too............ :-) 

I'm not quite Albino, but thanks Momita, it's always good to have you chime in. And tell Jeremy to come back to MMA, will you :)

I'm looking up the UFC office number right now on, thanks Big Jim. I'd still love some solid info on here if anyone has it.

"tell Jeremy to come back to MMA, will you :)"

LOL, a long story made short......... I won & it's a go!!!! hmmm, you make chiming in sound like a good thing.... heh heh, thank you!!!

I will take that to mean Jeremy Jackson is returning to MMA... nice! I'm a big fan, so I'll be looking forward to it. And when it comes to you Momita, chiming in is ALWAYS a good thing.

I just e-mailed with my questions and hopefully tht will do the trick. If anybody knows a more direct contact who could answer these questions accurately, let me know.

ttt for help, where's Saucy when you need her?

Come on Saucy, I see you on here, help me out!

"Come on Saucy, I see you on here, help me out!"

It's not like we have an event this week or anything!!

What's your email address?

You have an event this week???? lol, I guess I should have figured it would take awhile seeing how we're just five days out from the show. But thanks for getting back to me.

Please e-mail me at- - and thanks again. Once more, because it is such a ridiculous e-mail addy: