needs to be said again.

Pearson Swanson was a DAMN early stoppage.

Pearson was winning,and wouldve recovered.



Either UK or lost $...?

Which one?

Or he owns a life insurance policy on Pearson that he wants to collect on sooner rather than later

I love Pearson, but, no.

He was out.

Pearson stumbled an was flat on his back an started grabbing the reff. I think it was a justified stoppage and I'm from the uk before anyone says I'm biased Phone Post

Nah I think the stoppage was fine, I really have no problem with it.

If the ref didn't stop it then Cub would have landed several shots on Pearson who wouldn't have been able to defend himself.

I'm sad he lost, but there is nothing I can do about it. Might aswell just move on... Phone Post

No issues, good fight, good stoppage imo. Phone Post

 I thought it was way too early.

He wasn't "out" by any means.
The first two shots Cub threw while Pierson was on the ground missed, and the ref dives in?

He was outclassed by the Mexican. Phone Post

To hell with fighter safety lol.

They should've let Cub beat him until he was completely out and twitching.

Radio Raheem -  

I like Pearson but it was justified & I think Ross knew it too. Phone Post