Neutral Grounds?

Is this name being used by any organizations rite now?  I know it used to be but the web site seems to be gone.

Evaldo Lima (under Royce) has a school in Long Beach CA called Neutral Grounds.
I was lucky to have a chance to visit there, and he was very nice and a good teacher.

That is a cool name, i heard the events were cool. Didn't Lober fight in one? who knows.

Back in the day it was a good starter show, it had some great fights. I had many fights for them...Alot of big namers are veterans of Neutral Grounds.

Shannon "The Cannon"

Yeah, they had a lot of guys there. Karo fought I think. Ricco Rodriguez got his start there. Javier Vazquez vs. Cleber Luciano was in Neutral Grounds. Tons of guys, too many to name. They had slap fights, and some submission only matches back in the day. They ended up doing MMA too.

Kazja kage kombat was the shit! I fight there many times, always a fun time slap fightin' in LA!

Ryan Chenowith... I think that's how you spell his name.

I havent heard of any neutral grounds events in a while though.


and here we go again with the HuntingtonPUNK version of Karo's fight. .  .  .. .