Never Back Down made $8,610,000

Never Back Down made 8,160,000 this weekend and was #3 at box office behind  Dr. Seuss movie and 10,000 B.C.

Serious question was it a good movie?

I dont know I didn't see it. Im just giving this out since everyone is talking about it. It has B- rating on yahoo which is decent.

none of it came from my pocket!

*waits for pirate copy

I went and saw it Saturday night at the 7:45 show and the theater was maybe 1/3 full. I thought it would be alot more full than that.

Any good?


Karate Kid vs Never Back Down?

i took my 12 year old son to see it he has been waiting for weeks.

it was just all right i would wait for the ppv for $4.00
instead of the theatre.very karate kid like. we went to the 1:45 pm showing only about 10-20 people were there.

is that shark pic real?

Yeah that's an intense picture.

First weekend out and that's all they made.  It will gradually go down and continue to make less and less.  I wonder how much it cost to make the film. 

"is that shark pic real?"

photoshopped fake:

I seen it today with my twelve-year-old buddy (wife's friend's son) and it was 'okay'.

I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT DAMN MOVIE! The only reason I would ever watch it, is to do commentary about how it sucks. Think Mystery Science Theatre!