"Never Back Down" ?

I was just at the cast party for this flick (didnt see it) The kid Sean Faris who is the lead was there; seems like a nice enough kid (and Im not just saying that cause we have the same agent...[coughs])- he was telling me that he trained for about 8 weeks in MMA to get read and that the fight scenes were really good.

I've heard very mixed feelings from the MMA community. Most want to rip it apart and some that saw the screening said it was pretty dam good.

So who plans on going to see it?


Opening day...I have never been more excited for a movie ever.

I will go see it... Just because everyone is so intimidated by the thought of ADMITTING they will go see it.  Plus the chicks look hot in it... LOL

I think it has the potential to be the most realistic fighting movie since Roadhouse.

Erick Paulson was the mma trainer. They also tho used alot of kung fun and karate for the film. So I dont really know much he actually trained mma.

Jason, do you remember like 3 years ago. Friend requesting and messaging my girlfriend? trying to make small talk, with the "hey how's it going" and shit like that.

She was 16 at the time. We have since broke up but, that's kinda weird to me. Just was wondering why?

Anyway, I'll probably go see this movie.

jason deletes and recreates his myspace once a month

ahhhhh thread overload backs down

I think it will be a shitty movie because it's so formulaic.

Lemme guess, he wins in the end and gets the girl.

Actually me a bunch of dudes are going to my buddies house and watch over the top. We couldnt get tickets to N Back down. Sold out


Best movie ever!

Not a fucking chance. Not if they paid me to see it. Not if it gets academy award nominations.

Karate Kid meets Fight Club... pffft.

I'm serious I will never watch this turd of a coming-of-age-combat flick. Never!


That's dangerously close to fighter bashing again, McCorkle

I heard the rape scene was tastefully done.

The rape scene happens when you walk up to the box office and pay your money.

 The ENTIRE POINT of this thread to say "LOOK AT ME."

No surprise that TOWE was among first to reply.


Thanks for proving my point on how guys like you are sooo insecure about the thought of this movie!

I hear it's already being considered for multiple Oscars. Could be the best movie ever.