Never Surrender - MMA Movie

I saw this movie at Blockbuster and thought it would be really good since it has...

Georges St. Pierre
Quinton Jackson
BJ Penn
Anderson Silva
Heath Herring

4 UFC Champions who have a combined screen time of under 10 minutes. The entire movie is based around someone else.

Here is a rundown of their parts in the movie.

BJ Penn has 2 fights, neither of which are that great.

GSP has 1 fight in the movie and it sucks. The other 2
times you see him, he's talking to the main character, trying to make sure he's okay.

Rampage - 1 fight in the beginning of the movie and then you never see him again.

Anderson Silva - Makes his appearance in a 2 minute towards the end of the movie.

Heath Herring - The most screen time in the movie. He actually does a LITTLE training and has 1 fight in the cage.

The movie is mostly just sex and fighting, but the girls are hot and the fights aren't that bad I guess.

I watched Bloodsport for the umpteenth time last might. Still a great flick.

Bloodsport is still one of my favorite martial arts movies. I really thought the fights for Never Surrender would be a lot better since you have 5 Professional Fighters/Champions in it.

Nope and the Acting was HORRIBLE!!!

It's the worst movie of all time. Ever.

And shoot yourself for ever posting about it.

You thought a movie would be really good because it has bad actors who can fight?

No, I didn't expect the movie to be good, I expected the fights to be better.

Blood sport sucked... i too watched it last night... horrible...

Bloodsport did not suck.

Bloodsport was my shyt.
Never Surrender = donk.

Half the people who practice MA do so because of Bruce Lee. The other half do it because of Blood Sport. Fact.

I watched Bloodsport again last night as well.

My favorite Martial Arts movie from that time period is Gymkata

LMFAO & Gymkata.

Damn, Gymkata is bad. I remember seeing that as a kid on the USA network.

JOB - It's the worst movie of all time. Ever.

I 100% agree. Not just "worst martial art movie ever," but worst movie to ever be put onto film.


I won't even get into the plot holes you could drive a truck through, or the scenes that made no sense.

But just try to understand the quality of a movie who's main MMA training montage sees the main character doing light TKD on a heavy bag, crunches in a boxing ring, pushups on the fucking Perfect Pushup, and slow jogs on the beach with the hooker whom he's fallen in love with.

The movie had the makings of a 1990's Cinemax B-moive skinflick, but it was carried out with the execution of a dim-witted chimpanzee.

It's so beautifully-horrible, that I 100% recommend it for any MMA fan who wishes to see his favorite fighters on the big screen, while sticking around for the punchline of filmography that surrounds them.

What is worse? Never Surrender of Champions (the Ken Shamrock Movie).

The best fight scene/cameo I've seen lately involving someone from the MMA world is Rampage in 'Midnight Meat Train'. As a matter of fact, 'Page would have ended the film early if not for the killer's partner stepping in at the last second.

SoulBurn18 - LMFAO & Gymkata.

Respect the Gymkata!

SoulBurn18 - What is worse? Never Surrender of Champions (the Ken Shamrock Movie).

Never saw that one, but Never Surrender just might be the champion. Believe me, you have to TRY to make a shittier movie!

I mean, at one point the main character and his unwilling hooker gf are walking on the beach....again. This is after she revealed to him that she doesn't like being raped/used by the leader of the underground fight league that the main character left MAINSTREAM MMA for...She wants out, basically, but can't escape the clutches of the antagonist.

So despite being alone, unsupervised, on a beach in buttfuck California, WHAT do they do instead of making a clean getaway with the car they also have?

They go BACK to the "fighter compound" where they are kept under tight security, so that the main guy can eventually have his predictable showdown with the antagonist....Add in a slew of other pointless scenes and insanely corny dialogue, and you have yourself the movie.

Simply brilliant!

The most hilarious thing about Never Surrender is how they decided to replace GSP's voice with some totally crazy Mexcian-French sounding accent.

And it really can't be over-emphasized how bad this movie is. It makes Uwe Boll's movies look like Oscar material.