New Addition

There is a new addition to the Goo/WuTang Clan. A little boy 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long . . .

The boy is in training as we speak for BJJ.

We are enjoying the AC in the hospital. I hear its HOT out.

congratulations. say goodbye to sleep for a little while.

AURITE!!!! CONGRATS!!! Looking foward to seeing some pics on the little thumbcruncher especially the one in his gi...LOL.

Congratulations! My wife is still holding steady. October 23 is our official due date. Stay in the AC. It sucks outside.



Make sure he shakes Kirik's hand before Kirik leaves so he can get himself a Blue Name......

Start his life off right!



Time to get him a gi......

congrats and welcome to the world of yellow poop!

Congrats one more goo to conquer the world!