New Alliance/Jacare Blackbelt JD!!

Please give a shout out of congratulations to JD Shelley - Jacare's newest Black belt.

Jacare placed the belt around his waist at 2:30 this afternoon; it is the culmination of a lifetime devotion to the martial arts, and proof of the kind of perserverance and dedication to principle that bring people from all over the Dallas/FW metroplex to train with him at Saekson Janjira Muay Thai and North Dallas BJJ.

TTT for JD Shelley and Alliance/Master Team!!!!!

...Check out JD and North Dallas BJJ at


...Texas, represent.

another TTT as we walk out the door to celebrate!

congrats JD!

ttt congrats...

JD will be travelling to Brazil soon to train for one month with Leo Viera and Master Team to get ready for the World Championships! Good luck to JD! Rep TX to the fullest!

Congrats Alliance brother!!!

TTT to the new Alliance Blackbelt!!!

2002 - do you train in Brazil? With Viera? JD will be there soon . . .

top for shiftas


heelhook74 - you're a Texan, neh?


A big congratulations to J.D. Very well deserved!!!

I've got pics here if someone can post them:

Allen Mohler congratulates J.D.

Jacare tying on J.D.'s Black Belt

J.D. and some of his NDBJJ students

Congrats JD!!

Another post for a Texas ninja! Way to go JD!

Hey, lancifer. What up, ninja?

'sup, Ninja?

Sorry we missed the poker tourney on Friday, but after dinner with Jacare I was in bad shape.

"pores...clogged with...meat..."

...ended up busting out one of the windows of my loft playing basketball in the kitchen at 3:00am.

"Very un-Dude"

We'll have to plan a massive tourney, as I know 4 guys now who regularly have "hold 'em" tourneys. As for myself, the wife and I have been throwing alot of craps lately. We made a makeshift table with all the betting lines so that we can practice up for Vegas in March. (Pride!)

I've become an absolute junkie.

Valentine - No, I live in Canada and train under Jeff Joslin (Team Jacare/Alliance Brown Belt). We went to Atlanta last summer to train at the main academy with Jacare and Leo Vieira (who did a seminar).

im a native New Yorker who lives in Dallas. I know JD personally. I also know Jeff Joslin... he refereed a few matches at my tournament in New York.

Congrats to JD! Well deserved!