New American Fighter shirts....and SALE

Those of you on our mailing list probably got an email from Rich updating you on the direction of AF. If you are not on out mailing list and would like to be, head to where you can sign up to receive emails about Rich's training, sales on AF gear, and maybe something about Chuck Norris.

Anyways the brand is heading in a new direction. We have signed a deal to get American Fighter shirts in over 400 Buckle stores nation wide. So we need to get rid of the current stock of gear....which means SALE!!!!

We are cleaning house and making way for new designs and products so we decided to offer our loyal customers and friends below wholesale pricing on EVERYTHING in stock! That is 60% OFF everything. We need to move these items out and make way for the brand new American Fighter Apparel Line.

Use discount code "fighter" at checkout and get 60% OFF everything ... A FEW DAYS ONLY and while supplies last!

Team AF

couple of the new shirt designs....(bluey help please)

All in all we should have a dozen or so new designs in the near future.

As always thank you for your continues support of the American Fighter brand, the fighters we sponsor, and Rich Franklin

TTT Great gear, Great people!! whats up vengence?

not much homie.
taking a break from training.
playing more soccer and focusing on my relationship...

should be reving it up soon to get back to training and pop off a couple more inclined to be a solid trainer now rather than being known as a fighter.

everyone is a fighter now.

hows life for you


cool man, glad to hear you are doing well! I'm hanging in there, got a new addition to the family(well 8 months new) a little boy so thats 2 girls and the little man haha damn i'm old! I train on he weekends thats about it, other than too much work. Do you guys have any american figher patches?


For vengence



Hope all is well Todd! Phone Post

thanks guys.

im well...just chubby.

congrats on the addition OZ!

Thanks for the heads up.


Congrats AF! Getting into Buckle is huge and the new designs look awesome!


Veng, you coming to Pitts???

i wish i could mark.
not with this work schedule.
working on finding a good m-f job where i will have my weekends to ravel...and or more importantly ...fight


buckle's online website or . or at a buckle store


TTT for American Fighter and my friend vengence